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Indian Palms Resort and Golf Course

The Indian Palms Resort offers a great golf course experience and the prices make it possible to enjoy it more often than other golf courses.  The Indian Palms Resort is located within the gated community of Indian Palms Country Club.  This private area has its own 27 hole golf course.

As you can see from the pictures below, the grounds of the Indian Palms Resort are beautiful and this contributes to a great day of golfing.

Indian Palms Golf Course

As you continue to view the golf course, you'll find views of the nearby mountains, water features, lake, etc. 

Indian Palms Golf Course 2

Next best to playing golf in the Indian Palms Resort is actually living here so you can take advantage of so many additional amenities at the Indian Palms Lifestyle Fitness Center.  Let's continue on to the next page of our tour of the Indian Palms Resort.

Indian Palms Tour